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Research and Education Insight 2021 or REdI 2021 is a strategic initiative by Malaysian Research and Education Foundation (MyREF) to address and assist two target groups. The first group are final year students in the higher learning institutions and the second group is working professional, either actively working, out of job or amid finding new opportunities, with the focus on expanding their knowledge and skills.

REdI 2021 is going to be MyREF’s annual program that aims to contribute to the society at large by giving them exposure on the latest information and state of affairs in multiple sectors such as industrial, education, science, technology and social. Different set of themes will be highlighted every year and for this inaugural event in 2021, the theme will be Shaping Resilient Talent. This theme is chosen due to the COVID-19 pandemic that plagues the entire world, affecting individuals, organizations and the country.

This pandemic significantly impacted Malaysia’s economy, especially workforce in the critical industry such as oil and gas, aviation and many more. The workforce in these affected industries are facing risks of salary reduction and at certain points, termination of employment. This situation is giving an alarming signal to the future graduates in terms of their fate in the job market and industry upon their graduation.

Based on these scenarios, the future graduates and the working professionals needs to be prepared in order to survive the battle of the fittest, where the career survival are determined based on competency, skills and ability to adapt in the environment that changes rapidly. These types of capability are essentially needed to create a competitive edge for each talent. With that, the needs to form a resilient, competitive and professional workforce is crucial overcome the job market challenges amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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