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TheĀ  Hijrah Community – LGBT, PLHIV, Juvenile and Drugs

Throughout the establishment of YIM, various programs have been implemented to focus on the LGBT community to get them back to their nature and most importantly sustainable and able to return to the normal community. Some of the programs involved job matching effort for the transgender group with JAKIM, industry and related agencies. There are also train the trainer concept to train certain interest group in becoming a mentor for the LGBT groups towards their Hijrah journey.

The same approach was taken for ex-drug abusers with collaboration from JAKIM, AADK and a few related agencies. The effort taken involved in a few community programs and pilot projects in selected area that has high probability of drug abuse cases. These programs have touched many people; however, a few issues were identified during a meeting session between YIM and MyREF about expansion of these programs and how to increase its effectiveness:

  • The probability of these groups to relapse is high due to lack of financial and career sustainability;
  • There are a lot of hidden talent within this groups, where if groomed properly will have high chances of being sustainable in business or corporate environment in a long run; and
  • The model and method used is mostly touch and go, where the sustainability of the group is in a limbo every time they were left to themselves.

With the main issues being identified above, a major overhaul has to be done for these programs, where MyREF has strategically proposed a value adding approach of re-skilling and up-skilling training for these groups, with the help of our existing TVET institution as the training provider.

Re-skilling and Up-skilling as a Solution

Skills training may become an amicable solution to ensure financial and career sustainability for the Hijrah group. Most relapse cases were due to unstable income and failure to seek for stable jobs. The dire situation pushes some of them to revert to their original state, which will bring everything to square one.

Identifying their niche and interest in certain type of skills related area will basically give them a new hope in making a strong comeback in the society. There are a lot of things which can be explored from entrepreneurship up to specialized skill type of work which will be able to bring these target group to the next level.

The aim of the re-skilling and up-skilling approach will be:

  • To assist the Hijrah group in identifying opportunities within their existing or new skillset; and
  • Offer them jobs or opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur

With this approach, we hope to have a sustainable group that has less relapse probability, and slowly assist them to get back to their feet and re-join the society.

Besides the Hijrah Community, MyREF plans to offer its skills training program to public at large in 2021.

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