Gazan stories: The Unfortunates

The Unfortunates

There were many people who fell victim at the siege of Gaza and many of their stories are unknown. They have gone through so much pain. Don’t you ever think how they really felt when things just happened out of nowhere? What kind of pain did they go through? How did their lives change? Aren’t you curious to understand their situation?

When we get to know what they went through and are still going through, we can’t help but just imagine what’s it like to go through it. These photos and their stories are what they went through. These stories were provided by Sarah Algherbawi as she was related to the victims in one way or the other.

Sarah Algherbawi explains, “These are short stories from Gaza, a brief picture of our suffering. Reality is much more painful. For each photo, I also wrote a story. Some of the photographed people we have seen on TV, others I know their friends or relatives, and the narrative is mine from my knowledge of their circumstances.”

I was happy, a beautiful bride, preparing for my wedding and a house with my beloved fiancé, my soul mate…I was engaged for 13 months, and supposed to get married in August 2014. He promised to make me happy for the rest of my life…

Now, I’m alone. He never lied. He didn’t have the chance to meet his promised. He was killed.



We had a mom and a dad. They loved us very much. Mom was waiting for the war to end to take us to the market and buy us new uniforms for school and new clothes for Eid. They promised to teach us whatever we wanted, and take care of us until we grew up…

Mom always wished to attend our weddings and see our children…

The war is not over. Eid came, and they were not present. They were killed. We’re alone now. Who will take care of us?


The depiction of the stories behind the photos is powerful. It helps you get into their shoes and makes you feel what they have felt but, of course, many times more painful. Their sorrow is real. Their pain is real. Their lives matter just like any other so shouldn’t we help them? Ask yourself. Because every innocent life is precious.