The Palestinian Authority Costing Civilian Lives

Palestinian Authority (PA) is a semi-governmental figure that emphasizes on managing the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Its function is to help in the recommendation and funding of Palestinians into the hospitals that are outside the Gaza Strip, where sufficient treatment is regulated. Many patients wish to go outside the Gaza Strip in search of proper treatment as adequate treatment is not possible inside the Strip.

Such is the case of Hanan Ghaban. Her 5-days old baby died due to a heart disease. It’s not that there was no possibility of saving the child, it’s just that due to PA the permission either got rejected or delayed which in turn delayed the treatment and lead to the death of an innocent baby. Hanan Ghaben shoots out her feelings asking “What in the hell we have done to deserve all of this pain and see my own child die in front of my eyes?”

The PA issues the permit which is very hard to get in the first place and then it gets delayed or rejected leading to patients that need urgent treatment stuck in the Strip with less medical facilities.

Babies die due to heart diseases

That permit is necessary for the Palestinians to seek treatment out of Gaza Strip, maybe into Israel itself or other occupied territories of East Jerusalem and West Bank. Hanan Ghaben’s baby was not the only victim but in the month of June this year, in a mere week or less 3 newborn babies passed away due to congenital heart condition which could not be treated on time. Bara Ghaben, Ibrahim Tbeil and Mus’ab Araeer, the 3 babies, died at Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital under the neonatal intensive care unit. They were below the age of one and died only because the permit didn’t get through, either rejected or delayed. The question arises, what did the babies do to deserve this? Did they really need to die?


Source: Al Jazeera