Kamal & Wafaa: Their Story, Their Words.

What Kamal & Wafaa has gone through, it’s hard to imagine the pain. Sometimes mere words are not enough to justify the story. But however, when you hear their story through them directly, it’s more convincing than just reading their story. This video will give you the insight about what happened with them, what they went through.



It’s difficult not to feel anything after watching this video. It’s difficult to hold your emotions to yourself. And can you imagine? This is just one family that has been effected by the Siege, there are hundreds more whose story we do not know. But, what we do know is that they went through it, they have suffered, they have bled, they have lost everything and they have lost someone very dear to them. Even after knowing this, should we not help them? Should we let them be? thinking it’s not our problem? Because it is, because they are humans just like you and us.

Let’s try to help them in whatever way we can because no donation is small, It’s the heart that matters in the end. What will you like to contribute to at least see a smile on their faces which might be lost?