Save Al-Aqsa Campaign:

After a long series of systematic violations against Masjid Al-Aqsa and arbitrary provocations against the Muslim worshipers and Murabitin in the third holiest site in Islam, three young Palestinians were extra-judicially executed in courtyards of the Masjid by the occupation police forces on Friday morning, July 14, 2017.

The clash erupted at the “Hutta gate” outside al-Aqsa with the occupation forces that are normally stationed to prevent most worshipers from entering the Masjid. The three men were then chased into the Masjid’s courtyards, and there they were brutally killed as the footage shows. However, the aftermath of this incident was far more appalling.

Instead of reviewing its discriminatory policies and violations of the Palestinians and Muslims rights to reach Al-Aqsa without restrictions, and instead of ceasing the systematic incursions into the third holiest site in Islam. And rather than abiding by the international resolutions that call on it to withdraw from the occupied territories including al-Quds… The occupation immediately retaliated to the incident by shutting down the Masjid in the face of the Muslim worshipers on Friday; an action without parallel in the Palestinian history since 1969. Then, the occupation extended the closure to Saturday, July 15, 2017, which constitutes an unprecedented violation added to the long record of the occupation crimes.

However, when Israel reopens Al Aqsa mosque, Leaders of the Muslim religious trust that runs the Al Aqsa mosque urged worshippers not to enter the mosque security measures installed by the Israeli authorities such as metal detectors and cameras.

Muslims all around the world are very angry due to these extra measurements were taken by the Israeli authority describing it as a violation of religious freedom and international law.


Edited by: Mohamud Ali.