Gaza in Need

The Israeli attack which was launched on Gaza in Ramadan 2014 has left Gaza in a horrible state. It is quite a horror to look how the innocent people have suffered due to the attack. People have become poor, lost their homes, lost their families, lost their children and lost their parents. Their livelihood has been compromised because they have lost their access to clean water, the water they use is contaminated, the water they drink is very costly, their rainwater filter plant is damaged and now all we can think and ask ourselves is; How are they alive with such a water source? Their houses are damaged, the poor people have become poorer, where do they live now? Don’t you ask yourself that question? Don’t you wonder that?
There was a man in Gaza, he did not have children for 24 years, can you imagine? 24 years! – then finally when he had a child, the child was killed in the attack. How can someone not feel the pain of that father? It is heart breaking to hear his story, even if we try to understand his pain we just cannot… just cannot.

Our foundation is trying its best to help rebuild Gaza, to its former glory. We already launched a project of portable cabins right after the attack as winter was approaching and we wanted to provide shelter to as many as we could. We were able to build 84 portable cabins in order to provide a roof to the people.

We have many projects to help rebuild Gaza but we need your help. We need whatever donation you can provide as no donation is smaller. If you want to hold meetings with regards to this please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help so we are always listening.

May Allah help them and ease their pain and suffering. May Allah help us in providing whatever aid we can. May Allah bless you for donating whatever amount you can. May Allah reward us in this life and help us walk towards Jannah. This is our Jihad… This is our Jihad.

By : Hisham Kuntawala