Sponsor 100 Homes



MyReF is seeking your generous donation for our charity works to rehabilitate damaged homes due to the Israeli aggression on Gaza Palestine on July 2014.

2. We have selected 100 homes totally and partially destroyed because homes are basic human necessity. The homes have been selected by the Gazan authority together with AICBG (The Arab and International Commission To Build Gaza). The list of the homes is with cost estimates. You may request from us the list.

3. The fundraising drive for this specific damaged homes project is opened from 11th June 2016 until 31 July 2016. Our collection target to meet the needs of the project is RM 4.2 million.

4. You may select the homes you want to sponsor as provided in the list below or you may donate any amount. We will provide you the names of the home owners upon request.

Donate to:


Credit cards or Paypal or cash or cheque bank-in to:
CIMB Islamic 860 259 1922 (CTBBMYKL)
Maybank Islamic 5648 1051 4632 (MBISMYK1)
Bank Islam 1421 001 001 0755 (BIMBMYKL)

Send proof of bank-in to:
myref2016@gmail.com & info@myref.org.my
We will send you e-receipt.
Contact: 013-393 5002 (Ms. Amalina) & 019 339 7566
Note: MyReF policy does not accept cash transaction.

Thank you very much.